Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm back!

My parents arrived in town from KY on Wednesday,the 11th. Mike picked them up from the airport & brought them by the office,just in time for Coffee Hour.

Thursday,Dad took me to work so he & Mom could have access to the Jeep. They went to thrift stores. Dad joined Mike & me for Date Nite. He was impressed!

Friday, Dad helped me water trees at the church while Mom sat in the shade,enjoying the breeze. After lunch, we went to anantique store.

Saturday afternoon, Mom & Dad came with me to music practice. They didn't know I could sing,but neither did I until a few weeks ago.

Sunday, Mike took the day off & we all went to 10:30am mass. We spent the rest of the afternoon making food for the reception. Mom & Dad stood up for us while we had our civil marriage blessed. Turnout was great,with people from church,Mike's work & Date Nite. I sang "Here I Am To Worship" during communion with Lauren Lytle as backup. It was a great time. It rained twice that afternoon.

Monday, Mom & Dad came with me to the office while I called in Payroll. We then went to The Palm,where Mom got a necklace/ring/bracelet set in Spiderweb turquoise. I got a purple inlay ring.

Tuesday, I went to work. Mom & Dad picked up the jewelry they had left at the Palms for cleaning. We had Susan, Anne, Mike & Wyatt over for supper. I attended Vestry Meeting.

Wedneaday, I went to work & Mike took Mom & Dad to the airport. It was an AWESOME week!


  1. Loved hearing about your great week with family and friends! Wonderful blessings :)