Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fight back!

"Every man dies,not every man really lives."-William Wallace
~Very few edits on the bulletins!I got them printed/folded/inserted. Fr. Jim & I both worked on the website,uploading picture for the different ministries. The Brothers of the Hood came in & did some work on the back doors & mowed the yard. 14 bags were given away at the food pantry. Julie liked her hat!
~I dropped off S'more Bars for the Napa Boys & passed out invites to our Blessing on the 15th.
~Date Nite: There were only 9 "gunslingers", so we did alot of relays. I was consistantly under 2 seconds on my first shot placements,with short 2nd-shot reset times,too! We did pivot shooting(standing with backs to targets,turning & shooting and standing side-ways to the target & turning just the upper body to shoot),which tasks more practice because it is "multi-tasking". I had under 3 second reloads,too! It has been about 10 months since the Defensive handgun Techniques class & I've come a long way,baby!

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