Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Healthy?!

Miss Penny Girl is ready for her closeup!

~Though I am fasting for bloodwork,I still made Mike his breakfast(sausage & cheese omelet).It smelled so good!

~I arrived at my FPN "physical" appointment at 7:50am.I was happy that their scale only read 2.4lbs heavier than the one I use at home.The nurse & FPN thought I was there for a female exam,but I had one about 6 weeks ago downtown.So,it was just the basic bp,heartrate,medical history,etc.The FPN,Laura,basicly told me I may be too healthy for the insurance to pay for basic bloodwork screenings!We fiddled around until we were able to use my family's medical history(diabetes,thyroid) for the test to be "preventative".Also,"fatigue",a normal female complaint(though,not me,LOL!).Laura was very nice & she will be the one I go to for anything that may come up.

~Back home,after brunch,I made a batch of Granola muffins:24 minis,12 regular & 1big cookie with no chips.This time,I subtracted 2Tbsps of Altern(
WMS version of baking Splenda) & added 2Tbsp of honey.It did make them brown a little better.Also,added 1/4c ground sunflower seed kernals.They taste slightly different,but really good!

~I did 2 loads of laundry,dusted the furniture & swept the floors.

~I started a special-order
Hug box.I'm designing as I go,so it will take a little longer.I started with the RHS Buff part at the top & have the flat part & about 1 1/2" of side done.

~We had grilled smoked sausage for supper.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hats Sold!!

Hike to Coffee Rock with a stop at Smith's for yogurt.

~I sold 2
Flapper Skull Caps(Rnds 1-9,then Rnds 11-13) to Barbara in CA:Bamboo Linen/Mocha & cotton/acrylic in Lake. If she likes these,she may want others!

~I stopped at
Big Lots for a sprinkler attachment to use in the church rose garden.While there,I found another box of Yogi Chocolate Spice drink for $1(half price,the box was a little crushed)& an 11 pack of Tampico fruit drink for the church nursery for $1.25(half price,was supposed to be a 12-pack).I went across the street to the Red Cross thrift store & found a tea ball & a tea-infusing spoon.It was 30% inventory reduction sale,so I got both for under .50.

~I was a little early for my
Daughters of the King meeting with Miss Edla,so I ran the watering hose out to the rose garden.Our meeting went well.I have 2 books to study.We plan to meet a few more time before confirmation,but will start the lessons after that.She is so sweet!

~I came back home to change clothes & eat lunch.

~Back at the church,the sprinkler attachment didn't work like I thought it would,so it was back to hand-watering.I also scooped up 10 bags of dead leaves/flowers/debris from around the small tree boxes. 2 more people liked my "Rustic Pineapple Cookies",so I will write the recipe on a card & put it in my special box.

~I helped at the food pantry & folded bulletins.

~I made a
Little Octopus in unknown(maybe vintage Dazzleaire)Limeade.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger for supper.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Techno Cozy

I took a pain pill last night before going to bed for my pulled tooth,but this morning,it doesn't feel too bad.Ibuprofen was all it took to ease the slight ache.

~Hike to Coffee Rock.

~I sold a Techno Cozy in Cadet Blue to Judith in NY.I will post a pattern,if anyone is interested.

~We got groceries at WMS & brought them back home.

~We headed back out to Los Ranchos Gun shop to exchange 3 for 2.With filling out paperwork,it took a long time.We then went shooting at Calibers.Our final stop was Costco for a few groceries.They have the best mixed nuts!

~While we were out,I made a Girly Hat in CSS Off White.

~Mike put up the peg rack in the bedroom closet,helped me hang a small shelf in the utility room & an "herbs" plaque in the kitchen.

~We had Chicken bacon cheese sammies for supper.

~Fr Jim called at 5:20pm to cancel Pilgrims in Christ class.

~I worked on the Blue/Cream Gingham granny lap blanket.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real World

Cactus with flower seen on our hike at Camp Stoney 06/16/09

~The "real" world jump up & slapped me in the face this morning.Mike had made a dentist appointment for this morning at 7:30am.I went ahead & made one for the same time.While we were on the road for 18 years,we only went to the dentist once,when Mike got his upper teeth pulled & dentures 14 years ago.At that time I got my teeth cleaned & one,tiny cavity filled.

~This appointment was mainly for Mike to get a new upper plate,while I was to get my teeth cleaned & evaluated for any further work.Mike did get molds made for a new plate & will probably need to have several bottom teeth pulled & a partial made for the lower jaw.

~Now,for the "slap".The dentist basically described my teeth "encrusted like barnacles on a ship" around the gum line from not having been professionally cleaned for so long.Quite a few were loose,but with hopes of them tightening up with deep cleaning,which I had done on one side this morning.However,I did have to have one wisdom tooth pulled because the root was too short & it had become infected.That was surprising since I had no pain.The other teeth will be cleaned in a couple of week.While at the dr's office,I did start a Cheyenne Hat in LB Homespun Fawn.

~Afterwards,Mike & I went to WMS to pick up a penicillin & painkiller prescription for me.

~After my lunch of Key Lime shake(6oz lite key lime yogurt/6oz 1/2 & 1/2-shake!),we stopped by Napa to take the boys more cookies.I normally take 6 to Jason & Bryan,who work on Sundays.Apparently,there were 2 left over on Monday & the guys were fighting over them!Also,Mike wanted to show Jason his Sig.

~Next to Best Buy for home phone & Magic Jack.

~Back home,more shake I finished the Modern Flapper Hat Imogene in CSS Brites Limelight that I started last week.I added a Star Flower pin in CSS Brites Mango,centering it with a purpleish-blue star button.This hat is all about tropical fun!

~I finished the Cheyenne Hat in LB Homespun Fawn,adding an already-made rose pin in "Bitterswet",a dark rusty orange wool with spots of fuschia,gold & plum.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger for supper.I had chicken broth & a little bit of spinach dip.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Be Alert!

AWARE-Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment

~Hike to Shelter Rock.It looked like it had rained more in the foothills than at the house overnight.

~I packaged up 6 Little Octopi & 2 Turtles to my sister in KY.She plans to take them to the daycare center where her children attend.I have 4 more Little Octopi & 8 more Turtles to send her.*Update:I forgot to take the package to the post office!

~I stopped at Big Lots for food pantry bag extras(vanilla cracker sticks,mini boxes of raisins & wheat/cheese cracker sandwiches).While there,I got a clock for the kitchen(*update:it looks wonderful!),a bag of pork rinds for Mike & a box of Yogi Cocoa Spice tea(*update:it is delish!).I left the store with one,big bag,but realized before I got a block down the street that I forgot the smaller bag!I made a Uie & got it.

~I helped Chuck pack 20 bags of groceries for the food pantry.I also dropped off a note for Pat at the office about Mike & my birthday's & anniversary to put into the church newsletter.

~I stopped at Albertson's for Oscar Mayer cotto salami.I had a coupon for .97 cents for a 12oz package.One of my favorite lunches:spread 1 Tbsp of Philadelphia Light Garden Vegetable cream cheese on a slice of salami,then top it with another slice of salami(like a sandwich).It is tasty & the fat keeps you full for a long time!

~At Goodwill,I "rescued" an egg basket(.99-signed/dated,but needs de-hairing & stain).I also picked up 9 blank cards/envelopes(3 for .29)& a tiny tin shaped like a barn(.29).When you open it up,it shows a scene inside with animals.It's too cute!

~At the Family Thrift Center,I got a 3-peg wooden rack($2.99).Mike has been wanting one forever to hang in the closet for his belts.

~After lunch,I made Turtle "Kirby" in unknown Limeade/vintage Dolly Madison Wintuk Lime.Looking at my list,I found that I already had a Turtle with a Limeade shell,but it is named "Kassia" & has a Hot Pink body.So,Twin Turtles!

~I made grilled brats for supper & we watched "300".Visually,it is one of the best movies made.This was our second time watching it 7 we saw things we didn't see the last time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hand-Made Rescue Project

I make it my mission to "rescue" hand-made items from yard sales & thrift shops. Folded Star patchwork potholder-.99 at a thrift shop.It hangs on my refrigerator door to add a pop of cheer! Here's a tutorial if you would like to make your own!
~~Bronze Wombat

~Hike to Coffee Rock.We met the couple who like Jake & Penny & talked for about 5 minutes.We stopped at Smith's for yogurt,liquid sweetener & smoked sausage.

~I took Rustic Pineapple Scone cookies to the boys at Napa.

~~I arrived early to church to talk to Miss Edla about becoming a Daughter of the King.We plan to meet on Thursday morning to start lessons.Janelle's daughter,Lauren,who was in a car accident 2 weeks ago was well enough to attend church!

~Back home,I gathered trash/recyclables & vacuumed the floors before making Turtle "Jubal" in unknown Shaded Jeans/Cadet Blue.

~~We had cheesybacon chicken for supper & watched Defiance on dvd.It was awesome!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lap Blanket

Round Ripple lap blanket for charity.Main color is RHS Bright Yellow with various shades of red & orange scraps.It may be taken to the VA hospital,which is where the last batch of lap blankets that I made were taken.

~Susie & I went to yard sales.I got a small skein of teal yarn(.25),a knife($10),wooden doll pins(.70)& 2 decorative sticks($1).We had lunch at Annie's Soup Kitchen.

~I did 2 loads of laundry.

~I started a new lap blanket,using the general idea of my Darn Dye Lot blankets.My mother had sent me 5 skeins of Wintuck Ombre 100% Orlon yarn(from the 1970's) in "Browns",shades of rusty brown with white,for 50cents a skein at Goodwill.I used one 3.5oz skein,alternating dc & sc,making a piece 31" wide X 9" long.By my calculations,the 5 skeins will make it 45" long,a good length for a tall man.The coloring looks like a Paint pony!

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger for supper.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Hike to Shelter Rock.
~We are still eating lower-carb,so breakfast is a 3-egg omelet(cut in half)with a precooked sausage patty(plain or maple)& a slice of cheese(American for Mike,pepperjack/muenster/swiss for me).I saved the grease from the last batch of bacon I made & have been using that,instead of butter,to greased the skillet.If there is a different taste,it is slight,but it does make the house smell yummy!
~I used a recipe for Pineapple Cookies,but because I mixed white flour with wheat flour,they taste more like a scone-slightly sweet wheat biscuit.They are good anyway!I have renamed them "Rustic Pineapple Scones".
~I swept the floors & cleaned the front bath.I now like the small vacuum for throw rugs,while I still use the broom to sweep the wood floor,then the big vacuum to suck up the dirt/dog hair.I know it sounds like alot of work,but it is sooo much better than carpet!
~I finished the Little Octopus in RHS Ocean.This multicolor made it in color blobs,like a lava lamp!
~I also finished the Round Ripple lap blaket in RHS Bright Yellow & various scraps of red & orange.It is so cheerful!
~We had grilled soked sausag for supper.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rare sight in ABQ

Rain/hail storm we had 07/21/09.
~Hike to Coffee Rock.
~I'm wearing my Camp Stoney Staff T-shirt!It's AWESOME!!It is a dark royal blue with rainbow tie-dye at the top featuring the camp logo in yellow.
~I stopped at Dollar Tree to look for greeting cards(can't beat 2 for $1),but they were doing maintenance on the lights right in the card aisle,so I couldn't look.I did get a bottle of nail polish in a color I will call "Copper Kettle".
~I did a quick run through the Family Thrift Center & got a skirt($4.99),quilted potholder(.99) & picture frame(.99-original tag said $12.99!).
~Back home,I changed into shorts,made a sandwich to take with me & headed up to St Mary's to water the rose garden.I had not screwed the top tight on my water cup & spilt most of it on the 2 skeins of yarn I had in the bag,so I couldn't crochet while there.
~After watering the roses,I went inside & folded bulletins & discussed history with Pat(she liked the Bon Bon Little Octopus!).She recommended a series of historical romance novels I should try,the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.All 20 bags were given out.I asked Chuck if he would be my confirmation sponsor & he said yes.
~I stopped back by the FTC to check on the Outlander books,but they didn't have any.So,I went up to the public library on Jaun Tabo to get a library card & check to see if they had it.It is on hold for me whenever someone returns one of eight copies.
~I started a Little Octopus in RHS Ocean.
~We had chicken for supper,Mike's with bacon & american cheese & mine with queso.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Check out Cornered Cat for a woman's perspective on self-protection.

Hike to Coffee Rock.It was actually cool this morning from the rain/hail we got last night.

We got groceries at WMS & Costco.

We met Brian,one of Mike co-workers,at Calibers so he could try our guns before deciding which kind to buy for himself.It was fun! He liked Mike's Glock 30 SF .45.

We got our Browncoat T-shirts in the mail from CafePress.They are awesome!!

I made most of a Modern Flapper hat in CSS Brites Limelight.

I worked on the Blue/Cream gingham granny lap blanket.

We had bacon cheese burgers for supper.

We attended Pilgrims in Christ class.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Off

Mike's grandson-Jacob

~Hike to I-40 Rock.
~~Mike had a dr's appointment at 9am,so we didn't do our usual Tuesday-morning grocery shopping.He had blood taken for tests & an appointment made with a specialist,which isn't until Sept.I made an appointment with the FNP at the same office for a general physical.
~On the way home we stopped at Albertson's for eggs(coupon for two 18-count cartons for .88 each),chunk cheddar cheese & smoked sausage.
~~I started remaking the Cheyenne Hat in BSC Taupe Twist that I started last Friday.

Back home,I picked up the back yard(again!)so Mike could mow.I trimmed the rose bushes & another bush up against the back wall.Mike trimmed some branches from the lavender-flower tree.
~After lunch,I added taupe/cream marble-look buttons to the RHS Light Sage Durango hat I made on Friday.I also finished the BSC Taupe Twist Cheyenne hat,adding a rose pin in Aran.I also worked a little on scrap granny squares.
~~We had grilled smoked sausage for supper.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Turtle "Braiden"

Check my Turtle Tutorial on how to make your own turtle or email me at to order one made for you!

I stopped at Big Lots for raisin packs,pork skins & rug gripper before heading to the food pantry.One of the church ladies vehicle wouldn't start,so Chuck gave her a jump with Anne Malstrom's cables.I helped Chuck load 20 bags & Anne Malstrom trim trees & pull weeds.I stopped at noon & came back home.

I made Turtle "Jessie" in RHS Ocean/unknown Light Periwinkle Blue.

Mike got off work early around 4pm so he could attend his CCW 2-year refresher course at Calibers.I had planned on staying home,but he asked me to come sit with him(he sat in the last couple of hours when I took my CCW course last year),so I went.I'm glad I did.I got to show the class(9 men,2 women + male instructor)that a small woman can conceal a .40 handgun on her body.Of course,Mike passed the shooting part with flying colors.Sadly,of all the people there,only 3 carry all the time(me & Mike included in that number).

We got home around 7:45pm & had cheesy bacon chicken for supper.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Vase

This Wedding Vase,inherited from my MIL,was the inspiration for the "Cherokee Rust" wall in the Living/dining room.

Hike to Coffee Rock.
I stopped by Napa to drop off some Cocoa Banana Vanilla Chip muffin tops before heading to church.There,I dropped off school supplies.We stayed a long time at coffee hour.
Back home & after lunch,I did 3 loads of laundry,picked up the back yard,cooked up a pound of bacon & gathered trash/recyclables.
I sorted through the yarn bag I got on Saturday,using some scraps on granny squares.I also worked on the Yellow/Red/Orange Round Ripple lap blanket.It's almost done!
We had burgers for supper.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Desert Flower

Picture taken at Camp Stoney 06/16/09.

Susie came by at 8am for yard sales.I got quite a few things!Butterfly/flower paper napkins(2 packs-.25),a neat fairy-tale book(.25),picture frame(.25),black wood box($3),2-cup teapot/cup set($2),interesting woven basket(.50) & a zipper bag of yarn($3).

We met the Hogan's for brunch at Annie's Soup Kitchen.I had an Avocado/Bacon omelet,smothered in swiss cheese & green chile sauce with a Zuchini/Pecan tiny loaf.It was YUMMY!!!

Susie & I stopped by Hobby Lobby for some yarn for her.She is making a Round Ripple blanket for Teagan's room at her house in Yellow,Orange & a multicolor Yellow/Orange/White.It is cheerful!

We went by the church to help with picture-taking sign-ins.I met more church members & stayed to help Anne until 5:30pm.Mike came & picked me up after work.

We had burgers for supper.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sedona Hat

Hike to Shelter Rock.

I sold a Sedona Hat in Snapdragon/Granite to Kathleen in CA.

I made a batch of Cocoa Banana White Chip muffin tops & swept/mopped the kitchen floor.

Anne called around 10am & asked me to go up to the church & turn on the AC in the nursery.There are photographs for the church directory to be taken there this afternoon.

I made Turtle "Tod" in unknown Maple Tree/RHS Light Sage.
At 2:45pm,I went to the church to act as "hostess" for the photographer,which meant signing people in.They moved it from the nursery to the parish hall since the AC wasn't working in the nursery.Also,Kristen had sent me a message last night to be at the church at 1pm to unlock the door,but I didn't get the messages until 4:40pm today!But,it all worked out okay.I met some 8am-er's(I'm a 10:30am-er).Kristen came by at 5:10pm & took over.
While at the church,I started a Cheyenne Hat in BSC Taupe Twists.
Mike had already had supper by the time I got home.I had a chicken breast with spinach dip.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Web of Life

I slept badly last night,so when Mike got me up to do my regular morning exercises,I slept those 15 minutes.
I went to the Family Thrift Center,trying on 2 dresses & 2 pair of pants(all too big).I ended up getting a bag of yarn($4.99) & a photo album($2.99).
I took my Octopi to the church office for Miss Pat,the receptionist,to look at.She picked Embroidery Print for her grandson & Bon Bon Print for her granddaughter.I didn't have the
girly one made,just the yarn.She paid me for both.
We had all 20 food-pantry bags handed out by 1:30pm,along with all the church bulletins folded,so we all left.
I stopped at Goodwill,but didn't find anything.
Back home,I swept the floors & made a Little Octopus in RHS Bon Bon Print.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in transferring pictures from the old album to the new album.It was fun!
Mike closed the store & didn't get home until 6:55pm.I made him grilled smoked sausage for supper.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mike & I are Browncoats

I am starting this new blog here until I see if I can upload pictures from my computer on my previous blog.They have made some changes over there at Yahoo which I'm not sure I like. Just checked & I can'teven find a way to get into my old website to edit it with a link to this new blog!

Hike to Saddle Rock.

I orderd Mike & me Browncoat T-shirts.

We road the motorcyle today.It is so nice outside,though still hot.

We stopped at Napa so Mike could see when he goes into work tomorrow.The assistant manager,Jason,is on vacation.

We went shooting at Caliber's.

We came back home,then drove the Bronco back to the Big Lots on Menaul/San Mateo to check out the area rugs.We need a new one for the living room.They didn't have any,so we came back up to the store closer to home,Manual/Jaun Tabo,& found one in an abstract print of greenish-gray & light rust.
I made a Wenatchee Hat in RHS Black/Yellow Smiley beads.You can't help but be happy when you wear it!
Mike had decided that we would pay less by switching our cell phones from Verizon to AT&T.My phone came in the mail this afternoon & he spent quite some time getting my number transferred over.
We had cheesy bacon chicken for supper.
We attended Pilgrims in Christ class.