Friday, July 17, 2009

Sedona Hat

Hike to Shelter Rock.

I sold a Sedona Hat in Snapdragon/Granite to Kathleen in CA.

I made a batch of Cocoa Banana White Chip muffin tops & swept/mopped the kitchen floor.

Anne called around 10am & asked me to go up to the church & turn on the AC in the nursery.There are photographs for the church directory to be taken there this afternoon.

I made Turtle "Tod" in unknown Maple Tree/RHS Light Sage.
At 2:45pm,I went to the church to act as "hostess" for the photographer,which meant signing people in.They moved it from the nursery to the parish hall since the AC wasn't working in the nursery.Also,Kristen had sent me a message last night to be at the church at 1pm to unlock the door,but I didn't get the messages until 4:40pm today!But,it all worked out okay.I met some 8am-er's(I'm a 10:30am-er).Kristen came by at 5:10pm & took over.
While at the church,I started a Cheyenne Hat in BSC Taupe Twists.
Mike had already had supper by the time I got home.I had a chicken breast with spinach dip.

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