Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rare sight in ABQ

Rain/hail storm we had 07/21/09.
~Hike to Coffee Rock.
~I'm wearing my Camp Stoney Staff T-shirt!It's AWESOME!!It is a dark royal blue with rainbow tie-dye at the top featuring the camp logo in yellow.
~I stopped at Dollar Tree to look for greeting cards(can't beat 2 for $1),but they were doing maintenance on the lights right in the card aisle,so I couldn't look.I did get a bottle of nail polish in a color I will call "Copper Kettle".
~I did a quick run through the Family Thrift Center & got a skirt($4.99),quilted potholder(.99) & picture frame(.99-original tag said $12.99!).
~Back home,I changed into shorts,made a sandwich to take with me & headed up to St Mary's to water the rose garden.I had not screwed the top tight on my water cup & spilt most of it on the 2 skeins of yarn I had in the bag,so I couldn't crochet while there.
~After watering the roses,I went inside & folded bulletins & discussed history with Pat(she liked the Bon Bon Little Octopus!).She recommended a series of historical romance novels I should try,the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.All 20 bags were given out.I asked Chuck if he would be my confirmation sponsor & he said yes.
~I stopped back by the FTC to check on the Outlander books,but they didn't have any.So,I went up to the public library on Jaun Tabo to get a library card & check to see if they had it.It is on hold for me whenever someone returns one of eight copies.
~I started a Little Octopus in RHS Ocean.
~We had chicken for supper,Mike's with bacon & american cheese & mine with queso.


  1. Thank You for your email directing me back to you! I have read all the posts and feel much better being "caught up" with what is going on in your world! My daughter (12) just finished HBP, and we are going as a family to see it...soon. Depends on my husband's schedule. Did you see the movie yet? I don't recall seeing any entry to that effect, but maybe I missed it. Have a great day!

  2. So great to see a familar "face",LOL!

    Since I couldn't see HBP with the HP Camp deans,we will wait until it comes out on DVD.Also,I will wait to read the book until after I see the movie,as I did with the other books.