Friday, July 24, 2009


Hike to Shelter Rock.
~We are still eating lower-carb,so breakfast is a 3-egg omelet(cut in half)with a precooked sausage patty(plain or maple)& a slice of cheese(American for Mike,pepperjack/muenster/swiss for me).I saved the grease from the last batch of bacon I made & have been using that,instead of butter,to greased the skillet.If there is a different taste,it is slight,but it does make the house smell yummy!
~I used a recipe for Pineapple Cookies,but because I mixed white flour with wheat flour,they taste more like a scone-slightly sweet wheat biscuit.They are good anyway!I have renamed them "Rustic Pineapple Scones".
~I swept the floors & cleaned the front bath.I now like the small vacuum for throw rugs,while I still use the broom to sweep the wood floor,then the big vacuum to suck up the dirt/dog hair.I know it sounds like alot of work,but it is sooo much better than carpet!
~I finished the Little Octopus in RHS Ocean.This multicolor made it in color blobs,like a lava lamp!
~I also finished the Round Ripple lap blaket in RHS Bright Yellow & various scraps of red & orange.It is so cheerful!
~We had grilled soked sausag for supper.

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