Monday, July 27, 2009

Be Alert!

AWARE-Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment

~Hike to Shelter Rock.It looked like it had rained more in the foothills than at the house overnight.

~I packaged up 6 Little Octopi & 2 Turtles to my sister in KY.She plans to take them to the daycare center where her children attend.I have 4 more Little Octopi & 8 more Turtles to send her.*Update:I forgot to take the package to the post office!

~I stopped at Big Lots for food pantry bag extras(vanilla cracker sticks,mini boxes of raisins & wheat/cheese cracker sandwiches).While there,I got a clock for the kitchen(*update:it looks wonderful!),a bag of pork rinds for Mike & a box of Yogi Cocoa Spice tea(*update:it is delish!).I left the store with one,big bag,but realized before I got a block down the street that I forgot the smaller bag!I made a Uie & got it.

~I helped Chuck pack 20 bags of groceries for the food pantry.I also dropped off a note for Pat at the office about Mike & my birthday's & anniversary to put into the church newsletter.

~I stopped at Albertson's for Oscar Mayer cotto salami.I had a coupon for .97 cents for a 12oz package.One of my favorite lunches:spread 1 Tbsp of Philadelphia Light Garden Vegetable cream cheese on a slice of salami,then top it with another slice of salami(like a sandwich).It is tasty & the fat keeps you full for a long time!

~At Goodwill,I "rescued" an egg basket(.99-signed/dated,but needs de-hairing & stain).I also picked up 9 blank cards/envelopes(3 for .29)& a tiny tin shaped like a barn(.29).When you open it up,it shows a scene inside with animals.It's too cute!

~At the Family Thrift Center,I got a 3-peg wooden rack($2.99).Mike has been wanting one forever to hang in the closet for his belts.

~After lunch,I made Turtle "Kirby" in unknown Limeade/vintage Dolly Madison Wintuk Lime.Looking at my list,I found that I already had a Turtle with a Limeade shell,but it is named "Kassia" & has a Hot Pink body.So,Twin Turtles!

~I made grilled brats for supper & we watched "300".Visually,it is one of the best movies made.This was our second time watching it 7 we saw things we didn't see the last time.

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