Monday, July 20, 2009

Turtle "Braiden"

Check my Turtle Tutorial on how to make your own turtle or email me at to order one made for you!

I stopped at Big Lots for raisin packs,pork skins & rug gripper before heading to the food pantry.One of the church ladies vehicle wouldn't start,so Chuck gave her a jump with Anne Malstrom's cables.I helped Chuck load 20 bags & Anne Malstrom trim trees & pull weeds.I stopped at noon & came back home.

I made Turtle "Jessie" in RHS Ocean/unknown Light Periwinkle Blue.

Mike got off work early around 4pm so he could attend his CCW 2-year refresher course at Calibers.I had planned on staying home,but he asked me to come sit with him(he sat in the last couple of hours when I took my CCW course last year),so I went.I'm glad I did.I got to show the class(9 men,2 women + male instructor)that a small woman can conceal a .40 handgun on her body.Of course,Mike passed the shooting part with flying colors.Sadly,of all the people there,only 3 carry all the time(me & Mike included in that number).

We got home around 7:45pm & had cheesy bacon chicken for supper.

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