Saturday, July 18, 2009

Desert Flower

Picture taken at Camp Stoney 06/16/09.

Susie came by at 8am for yard sales.I got quite a few things!Butterfly/flower paper napkins(2 packs-.25),a neat fairy-tale book(.25),picture frame(.25),black wood box($3),2-cup teapot/cup set($2),interesting woven basket(.50) & a zipper bag of yarn($3).

We met the Hogan's for brunch at Annie's Soup Kitchen.I had an Avocado/Bacon omelet,smothered in swiss cheese & green chile sauce with a Zuchini/Pecan tiny loaf.It was YUMMY!!!

Susie & I stopped by Hobby Lobby for some yarn for her.She is making a Round Ripple blanket for Teagan's room at her house in Yellow,Orange & a multicolor Yellow/Orange/White.It is cheerful!

We went by the church to help with picture-taking sign-ins.I met more church members & stayed to help Anne until 5:30pm.Mike came & picked me up after work.

We had burgers for supper.

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