Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Healthy?!

Miss Penny Girl is ready for her closeup!

~Though I am fasting for bloodwork,I still made Mike his breakfast(sausage & cheese omelet).It smelled so good!

~I arrived at my FPN "physical" appointment at 7:50am.I was happy that their scale only read 2.4lbs heavier than the one I use at home.The nurse & FPN thought I was there for a female exam,but I had one about 6 weeks ago downtown.So,it was just the basic bp,heartrate,medical history,etc.The FPN,Laura,basicly told me I may be too healthy for the insurance to pay for basic bloodwork screenings!We fiddled around until we were able to use my family's medical history(diabetes,thyroid) for the test to be "preventative".Also,"fatigue",a normal female complaint(though,not me,LOL!).Laura was very nice & she will be the one I go to for anything that may come up.

~Back home,after brunch,I made a batch of Granola muffins:24 minis,12 regular & 1big cookie with no chips.This time,I subtracted 2Tbsps of Altern(
WMS version of baking Splenda) & added 2Tbsp of honey.It did make them brown a little better.Also,added 1/4c ground sunflower seed kernals.They taste slightly different,but really good!

~I did 2 loads of laundry,dusted the furniture & swept the floors.

~I started a special-order
Hug box.I'm designing as I go,so it will take a little longer.I started with the RHS Buff part at the top & have the flat part & about 1 1/2" of side done.

~We had grilled smoked sausage for supper.

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