Saturday, August 1, 2009

Always Armed(gun,knife,pepper spray,etc)

Criminals are cowards.They pick people who look like victims or commit their crimes in places where thay know people can't or won't fight back.Don't be a sheep!

~Hike to Shelter Rock,really windy.

~I made Cranberry Corn Muffins to take to the
Daughters of the King meeting.

~ I stopped at a few yardsales before going to the meeting.I got a lamp with a shade($2),a wall shelf($5),a small table($2) & a small iron chair(.50).

~The meeting went well.Two ladies had corn muffins,while the others took some home.Anne Malstrom was pulling weeds,so I gave her the last 3 muffins.

~Back home & after lunch,I worked on the
Hug plushie & Paint Pony lap blanket at the same time,alternating doing one row on each.I have about 1" left of the Buff to do on the Hug.

~We had bacon cheese burgers for supper.

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