Saturday, August 15, 2009

Typical female,LOL!

I LOVE vintage-look purses,tapestry & hand-made.Most purchased for very little at yard sales & thrift shops.The clutch,top-center,was a gift from my sister,Debbie.

~Susie & I went yard-saling.I got a mesh tea-infuser(.25),four 3-hook holders($2) & 6 kabob skewers(.25).We had lunch at La Chantilly.I had a Florentine cookie,which I plan to find a recipe for.

~We went around to different places looking for an umbrella for Susie's outdoor set,but couldn't find one.She did get a small fire pit.

~We met Anne at 2pm & drove to her SIL's mothers house for a Southern Living at Home party.As a "guest",I got 2 small recipe books. They had some awesome chocolate brownies & spinach dip!

~Mike was home before I was,so he made the coffee & his own supper.

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