Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hat Sold!!

When Mike woke me,I thought it was raining.Turned out there was a leak in the swamp cooler hose.

~ Hike to Coffee Rock with a stop at
Smith's for yogurt & Canfields Diet Cherry Chocolate Fudge soda.

~I sold a
Sedona Hat in Outback/Black to Brannon in AR.

~Mike fixed the leaky hose before going to work.

~I stopped by Napa to drop of 4 Granola Muffins for the boys,show Jason the special-order stuffie he requested & give him a
Turtle for his mom,who is recovering from surgery.

~I went to church & made plans with Susie for Mike & I to drop by later this evening to see her backyard landscaping.

~When I got home from church around 1pm,the water was running off the patio roof like it was this morning.I texted Mike about it & he had me shut off the main water valve.I guess he will check on it when he gets home.

~I gathered trash/recycles.I also packed up the hat I sold this morning & more turtles/octopi for Karen for mailing off on Monday.

~I alternated working on the Hug stuffie(completed the Buff & the 2 rows of Aran)& scrap granny square & ripple lap blankets.

~Mike fixed the leak on the swamp cooler when he got home.I made him cheesy bacon chicken for supper.

~Around 6:45pm,we went over to Susie's house to check out her landscaping.It looks awesome!

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