Sunday, August 16, 2009


Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

~Hike to Coffee Rock with a stop at Smith's for yogurt.

~I went up to the church at 9am to take group pictures for the directory.I was with the Food Pantry & Daughters of the King.I stayed until 9:3am,having a cup of coffee in the hall.

~Back home,I started a load of laundry.I also dropped of a small plate of cookies for the Napa boys.I also showed Bryan the skein of LB Vannas Choice "Charcoal Print".He said he liked it better for a beanie than the RHS Zebra(what I made his can cozy from).

~I attended church & helped with coffee hour afterwards.

~Back home,I gathered trash/recyclables,emptied the dish washer & finished laundry.

~I started the Charcoal Print beanie in hdc,but ripped it out.I'm going to just use my Sedona Hat pattern,using hdc for the sides only.We'll see how it looks.

~I got to the Ice Cream Social at 3:15pm,taking my Ginger Doughboys,Peanut Butter Blossom & Peanut Butter Cookies.They were welcomed!Thehome-made ice cream was good & the gathering was fun.Mike came at 4:30pm,after he got off work.

~We had reheated grilled smoked sausage for supper.

~We started the Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD.We love the no commercials!


  1. Sorry this is late but wanted to wish you all a Happy Anniversary! Twenty years is wonderful in this day and time, when most last about 4-5 years. You looked cute on your wedding day photo.