Sunday, August 23, 2009


Special-order Mastercard Hug.I heard the receiver loved it!

~Hike to Coffee Rock with a stop at Smith's for CarbMaster yogurt.They had 4 new flavors!

~I took baked goods & 3 hats for Bryan to look at to Napa.

~I got to church early,so I went over to the hall.Some of the 8amer's were still there.Xander gave me an invitation to his 2nd birthday party!I helped with coffee hour.

~There was a homeless lady sleeping in the parking lot,so Fr Jim & some other talked to her to see if she needed help.She said she was going to a friends house.I put together a food bag for her from the pantry.

~Susie came by & picked me up at 1pm for the play.On the way to pick up Jenny & Sarah,a couple of teen boys in their Mom's minivan wanted to race us!Susie drives a Pontiac G6 convertible.

~We met the Mallory's & Lori at the Adobe theater.We saw "Back to the 80's".It was fun!

~Mike was already home & had made the coffee.I made him a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.A ham/cheese/mayo sammie hit the spt for me!

~I worked on scrap granny squares & we watched more Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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