Friday, August 28, 2009

Worst Gun Laws in the Worst States in the US

~I had a Daughters of the King class with Ms Edla at 9:30am.I dug up a few weeds until she arrived.It went well!
~I turned in a book at the library.I then went to a book store,hoping to find a used copy of the book I just returned.None available & I refuse to pay $8 for a book I will,most likely,read once.I also stopped at the Red Cross thrift store,but didn't find anything.
~I made a special-order Flapper Skullcap in Lion Brand CottonEase "Azalea".I spent the rest of the afternoon(except for a 1/2hour nap)working on scrap lap blankets.
~We had Chicken bacon cheese sammies for supper & watched "Race to Witch Mountain".It was fun!

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