Friday, August 7, 2009

Separated at Birth!

~I got to the Family Thrift Center for their 1/2-off Back-to-School sale at 8:50am.The line was longer than in July,but it wasn't raining.I remembered to bring my big,quilted shopping bag!
~For just under $20,I got 2 bags of yarn(highlights-3 balls Plymouth Encore in 958[Dusty Plum],2 skeins CSS Black & 3 skeins RHS Medium Thyme),2 potholders(plain serviceable),Jesus Freaks book,salad plate,2 small ramikins,huge coffee cup(which I am drinking Twinings Winter Spice tea out of right now!),cheese knife,thrown pottery bowl with blue/wine/brown glaze,tan Cactus Flower skirt & New York & Company blouse(may wear the skirt/blouse for my confirmation).
~Back home,I made Oatmeal Cookies in several different ways:
*in a 5"x7" pan for a birthday "cake" with chocolate chips spelling out "21" & decorated with butterscoth chips
*12-count muffin-size,half chocolate chips,half butterscoth chips
*24-count mini-muffin size,4 each with chips in:dark chocolate,peanut butter,vanilla,milk chocolate,butterscotch & craisin
*One,large cookie from the leftover dough with butterscoth chips,cut into 4 pie-wedges
~I went to the library to pick up the book I've been awaiting for 2 weeks.
~I finished the Hug by making arms & sewing them on.It is ADORABLE!
~I made a Can Cozy in RHS Zebra for Bryan's 21st birthday to keep his "adult beverages" cold.
~We had bacon cheese burgers for supper.


  1. Catherine, I sent you an email via Crochetville regarding a new bill and the 2nd amendment. Being a gun lover as you are, you'll find it interesting.
    Take care.