Tuesday, August 4, 2009


$10 clock from Big Lots.

~Hike to Shelter Rock.

~After breakfast,Mike went around the house & pulled furniture out from the walls where the cable guy will need to rewire our TV stuff.We are going from cable back to a dish because it's less expensive.

~I made a Star Flower Pin in CSS Black to go on the CSS Off White Girly Hat I made last week.

~I picked up the back yard while Mike weed-wacked.

~When the grass dried in the back,Mike mowed while I picked up sticks in the front yard.

~The dish guy came & hooked us up!

~I started a modified Cheyenne Hat in RHS Warm Brown/vintage RH Maypole Cypress.

~We went up to the auto shop to pay for the work they did on Mike's Bronco.There was a leak in the battery & acid had eaten through a filter,which was making gas fumes come into the truck.I dropped off some baked goods at Napa next door.

~We went to St Mary's at 4pm to have pictures taken for the church directory.We were given a free 8"x10" & I used my $25 gift certificate(for helping out with the check-ins)to buy twelve 3" x 5" greeting cards.After we got our pictures taken,I stayed until 6pm so Kristen could go home for a few hours.

~I made bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

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