Monday, August 17, 2009

Another life-skill children should be taught

Learn About Guns
I didn't grow up with guns,but my husband & his siblings did.As important a safety lesson to teach as traffic,fire,electricity,etc.
~Mike is back on early shift,except for every other Monday.WooHoo!!
~I went down to Walgreens for 49cent Mars products.I got 6 bags of Dark Chocolate M&M's,which I've never had before.Strictly for baking purpose.Really.I promise not to eat them.Very.Much,LOL!
~At Big Lots,I got food pantry bag extras(cereal fruit bars,wheat/cheese cracker sandwiches & pretzel/cheese dippers).They had Twinings 4 Red Fruits (now called Mixed Berry)black tea,one of my favs!
~I helped Chuck load 15 bags.He told me the back side of the church was hit with grafitti on Saturday night.A police officer came out to look at it while I was there,cleaning up tree droppings(flowers,leaves,seed pods).
~At Goodwill,I found a book of days & what looks like a portable liquor set.It's in a small leather case & holds 3 nesting metal shot glasses,a corkscrew & a corked pourer(like you see on balsamic vinegar bottles).The case says "Made in Germany,US-Zone".It just seemed interesting!
~I made 2 speacial-order rose pins(similiar to this,but with an extra round of petals),one in Gray Heather & one in Cypress.I also made a Sedona Hat in LB Vannas Choice Charcoal Heather & a Solitude Hat in Caron Wintuk Black/RHS Gray Heather.I want to give Bryan more than one hat to choose from.
~Mike got home at 4:45pm.Better than 6:45pm!We had Bacon Cheeseburger sammies for supper & watched 2 more episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles.


  1. What are the sammies you make? We have breakfast sandwiches at work (in the cafeteria) called sammies - egg, sausage or bacon, cheese on a hard roll or bagel.

  2. Oh should also have mentioned that my 12 yo dau completed her basic hunters safety course this past Sat. Now she is taking bowhunter safety...had our 15 yo son retake the courses also. Can never have too much safety training...Husband was looking at the Cabela's flyer at the hand guns...that will be next or a muzzleloader for hunting deer...Have a great day!

  3. When I say "sammies",we put our main course on a flatbread from Flatout that we get at Costco.I could not find a picture on either website,so will take one & post it when we get some today.

    Congrats to your whole family for safety & tradition!!