Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Refuse to be a victim!

~Though it is his day off, Mike got called into work around 7:45am.

~I mailed bills, enjoyed fellowship with the Wednesday group, worked on calenders & printed off copies of bulletins & Pop for editting. I left work at 1:15pm.

~Mike & I helped out at Defensive Handgun Techniques class. It's great to sit in and refresh our understanding,as well as helpingon the range.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Old West

CM Russell print in the front bath. It doesn't show up well in the photo,but there are several spots of rusty red that is the accent color.

~Mike came to work with me at 8am to help collate/staple/fold/tape/address/stamp the newsletters. I made him a pot of coffee,which Fr. Jim had a cup when he came in(he's not supposed to drink leaded!). I also had a large cup with a packet of no-sugar added cocoa mix.
~I worked on bulletins,typed up a monetary donation thank-you letter. I also made a phone call getting information about a baptism to take place on July 11.
~At home, I cut up the Turtle Brownies. They are gooey & so good! It is so much easier when you line the pan with aluminum foil,both for cutting & clean-up.
~We had pizza for supper.
~I worked on the Candy Corn lap blanket.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My soul finds rest in God alone;my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1

Rio Grande

~I took Mike to work with the idea of picking him up arund 4:30pm to go to Date Nite(moved from Thursday to Monday due to Draw Class). He texted me just a little while ago & said he has to close,so no Date Nite :(

~I went to Big Lots,but only got a ruler for the school-supply drive & a can of almonds(1/2 price!). I did see Ms. Edla there,though.

~I went up to the church to work a while(to take off later in the week). I printed out the newsletter & did some work on bulletins & PotP. I was there about 2.15 hours.

~I didn't find anything at Goodwill. At DollarTree I got a few more school supplies & peanut butter for the Food Pantry. At Albertson's ,I got mac & cheese, tuna & beans for the Food Pantry. They had AllBran crackers for $1.99 a box. I got us two, along with Honey Moon.

~Back home, I finished the laundry & made Turtle Brownies.

~I sorted the rest of the yarn from Ms. Sylvia. There is alot of different styles/colors & it will be fun coming up with new projects!

~It rained for quite a while,even some hail. I picked Mike up from work at 6pm.

~We had PB/AB wraps for supper.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chunky Cherry Mini Loaf

Same recipe as the Chunky Cherry Muffins-this was leftover batter after making 12 muffins.

~Mike & I got groceries at Walmart & Smith's. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I love the little extra time together!

~I went to church early to attend a reception to celebrate Deacon Sam's 80th birthday. I gave him a turtle. I co-ushered at the 10:30am service & helped with coffee hour. I put the 3 file boxes of yarn Janelle gave me from Ms. Sylvia's estate into a garbage bag for easier carrying. It was so heavy! Tons of yarn!!

~Back home, I spent several hours sorting yarn.

~Mike & I helped at CCW class.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Roseburg Hat in Ivory/Country Rose/Light Sage to Michael in OH.

~I went to the Bog Lots downtown to get lemon cookies,which I use as the crust n my Bahama Mama bars. While there, I also got 20 bags of pasta & 7 cans of mandarin oranges for the church Food Pantry.

~At Savers, I got a hand-made basket(looks like one of Debbie's!) for the front bath wall. It is flat & has 3 peg hooks. At ThriftTown, I got a tshirt.

~Back home, I made a Roseburg Hat in Ivory/Plumberry/Avocado. Yes,like the one I just sold in the picture, but it is a very popular style/color & I alsways change the colors on the flower pin so the hat is still one-of-a-kind.

~Mom called & we talked for about an hour.

~I made Mike a couple of PB/AB wraps. Cstco didn't have the sammies last time Mike went,so now we are eating the thinner,flat-bread style wraps. They are still tasty.

~I started a Granny Shawl in Dusty Blue/Dazzleaire brown,donated to me by Anne Malmstrom.

Friday, June 25, 2010


There is no "fighting fair" in the real word. Use every legal advantage to protect yourself & others.
~I watered the trees at church, got a Tshirt & a few kitcheny things to hang on the wall at the Family Thrift Center.
~Back home, I swept the floors, made a Girly Hat in CSS Red/Black, started a Diamond prayer shawl in Caron Pounder Dark Navy & made a few 5-round granny squares in doubled #10 thread.
~Mike had to close.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lap Blanket

Checkerboard Granny Square lap blanket edged in Wine for the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
~Fr. Jim was in long enugh to show me a few edits on the bulletins before heading off to a meeting. I got all the bulletins printed/folded/stuffed. Only 5 bags were given out at the Food Pantry. One of our regular clients brought us each a loaf of home-made bread,which her daughter bakes/sells. It smells wonderful! Julie is going on vacation,so I will be doing the shopping for the next few weeks.
~I dropped off Rainbow Chocolate Blondies for the Napa Boys.
~I made a Boa Scarf in Patons Carmen "Ebony"/Caron Dazzleaire Gray.
~While practing my draw/reload,I discovered a way to unlock the slide weak-handed,something I had not been able to do before!
~Date Nite:We practiced on a target that has a black line down the center with the head in black. The goal was to make all the shots in the black section,no matter how long it took. I did good & steadily got faster. Mike's extractor(little hook that pulls out the empty brass)broke,but he had Tony,the gunsmith,put in a used one. It was a great night!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.Psalm 61:4

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks-Pajarito Plateau,NM

~Mike drove me to work, so he could use my Jeep,if needed. His Bronco wouldn't start.

~At work, I did a few edits to the newsletter, printed out copies of everything for editting & did liturgical readings for the whole month of July. I found 3 Stephen Ministry prayers to use on rotation in the Prayers of the People. Fr. Jim was very surprised I found them so quickly on the internet!

~Mike picked me up, we dropped off a few pieces of mail, got a couple gallons of gas in a can & went home.

~We had Digiorno pizza for supper.

~I started joining the light blue, peach, pink & lavender granny squares together with mint green.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Serving Platter

I saw this Fapor Portugal platter at the Family Thrift Center & fell in love with it. The olive,cream & rust are the colors I use most in the house. I was lucky to get it 1/2 price($3)on Memorial Day. It hangs in the kitchen.

~At work, I updated the July/August/September calenders, worked on the newsletter & printed out one for editting. I also updated the online calender.
~At home, I made bacon & cut the Bahama Mama bars into pieces.
~We both had bacon cheeseburger sammies for supper.
~I worked on the Candy Corn lap blanket.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chunky Cherry Muffins-two ways

Cherry Pecan & Cherry Chocolate Chip

Recipe from Food. My modifications are below.
*1c. wheat flour & 1/2c. white flour
*1/2c. Splenda & 1/4c. brown sugar
*The Cherry Chocolate Chip version, I omitted the 3/4c. pecans & substituted 1/2c. mini chocolate chips.
~I got Mike some glucosomine drink at Big Lots, along with $5 in school supplies(loose paper, crayons, pencils, glue sticks,facial tissue) for the DoK drive.
~I helped Chuck load bags at the Food Pantry & called in payroll.
~At Goodwill, I found 3 tshirts(one was a replacement,so it only counts as two!) & an old aluminum juicer,to hang on the kitchen wall.
~Back home, I made Chocolate Rainbow Blondies & Bahama Mama Bars.
~I made a Roseburg Hat in RHS Denim Heather/Cafe.
~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper while I had PB/AB.
~I worked on Colorblock granny squares.
~We started watching the movie "Law Abiding Citizen", but stpped about half-hour through it. Too bloody.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teach Safety

A handgun is a tool. Just as you teach your child not to touch the hot stove & not to run into the street, teach them:
If they see a gun-STOP,don't touch,leave the area,tell an adult.

~Mike & I got groceries at Walmart & Smith's.

~I went up early to church to help the St. Elizabeth's Guild with the bake sale after the 8am service. I also helped after the 10:30am service. I will be on my own at the 4:30pm service.

~I made a flower pin for the Berry Blue Girly Hat in Tangy Lemon.

~After the 4:30pm service, we sold $14.75 more baked items for St. Elizabeth's Guild. I gave Josh,the young man who plays guitar,a plate of Chunky Peanut Butter/Mini M&M cookies just because I like him!

~We had ham/cheese/bacon melty sammies for supper.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Kalispell Hat in Marigold/Rhubarb to Brooke in VA.

~I attended the Quarterly Parish Planning meeting. I stopped by Albertson's for buttermilk & used a 50%-off coupon at JoAnn for a skein of LB WoolEase Chunky Walnut.

~Back home, I used the fresh cherries Fred gave me to make 2 batches of Chunky Cherry Muffins, one batch with pecans & one batch with mini chocolate chips. I packaged up baked goods for the Bake Sale at church tomorrow.

~I made a Girly Hat in CSS Berry Blue.

~I took the baked goods to church when I went for music practice.

~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger for supper.

~I worked on the Candy Corn lap blanket.

Friday, June 18, 2010

For you have been my refuge,a strong tower against the foe. Psalm 61:3

Enchanted Tower
~At church, I watered the trees & swept up dead flowers. Fred gave me fresh-picked cherries!
~At Goodwill, I found a slice of old tree cut to resemble a sliced apple. It's neat!
~At the Family Thrift Center, I got a skirt, 2 pair of earring, a necklace & a rusty spiked hanger for the kitchen.
~Back home, I made Sugar-free Chocolate Cheesecake, seperating it out into 4 square bowls.
~I made a Roseburg Hat in Caron Pounder Deep Violet with a Medium Gray wool flower pin.
~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper.
~I worked on the Candy Corn lap blanket.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Cheyenne Hat in Homespun Honey Gold/Pomegranate to Sunita in OH.

~At work, I printed/folded/stuffed bulletins. 16 bag were given away at the Food Pantry. Fr. Jim showed me how to update the website, mainly the calender & worship pages. He also approved the time off(made up on other days) for draw class at the end of the month!

~I dropped off Ginger Coconut Bars for the Napa Boys.

~Date Night: We did drills a little out of the ordinary. After warmup, we shot 2 to the body/1 to each hip(to put someone down), 1 to hip/2 to body/1 to head(as if allwe could see of the bad guy was his leg), both drills with reloads. We then went down range,got a short lesson of close-in fighting(using angles,distance & hand-to-hand/knife fighting to gain an advantage before shooting). We then did pivot shooting(standing side-ways to the target & turning just the upper body & standing with back to the target & pivoting on foot to face target). So much to learn!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hats Sold!!

Roseburg Hat in Cotton Cafe Breve
Roseburg Hat in CottonEase Plum/Vineyard.
~I sold the above hats to Andrew in KS.
~Worked on a little bit of everything today. Fellowship was fun! Fr. Jim asked me to help with maintaining St. Mary's website. Cool!
~Back home, I made bacon.
~We had Digiorno pizza for supper.
~I worked on Stained Glass granny squares. I have now used every multicolor I own & am ready to start joining them!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Coconut Bars made with orange crust & Craisins. Not chocolate,but still tasty!

~Work-did a few edits on Sunday bulletins, went to the post office to check on weight of a letter, worked on info about growing the church, formatting & typing. Fr. Jim was very excited about his new linen chasuble & stole. He left early to make several hospital visits.
~We both had bacon cheeseburgers for supper.
~I worked on the Candy Corn lap blanket.
~Vestry Meeting:7pm-8:45pm. Mike brought a thin Louis Lamour book,but finished it before we were done with the meeting!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lap Blanket

Ripple Lap Blanket(for St. Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry) in Teal/Mid Brown/Cream. Most of the yarn donated by Mom & Karen.

~I stopped off at Big Lots(Elations glucosomine drink & butterscotch candy) before heading up to the church to help Chuck load 9 bags for the food pantry.

~I stopped back by the house to pick up a few things I forgot,then back to Big Lots for 20 cans of soup at 45cents each(normally 50-65cents)for the Food Pantry.

~I had to park on the street to go to Goodwill,but didn't find anything. I got beer & cream cheese(I know,weird combo!)at Albertson's. We get to Walmart too early on Sunday mornings for alcohol.

~I dropped off staples to Mike at work,which he forgot on the dining room table.

~At Dollar Tree, I got a Father's Day card, 1/2-price small Christmas gift bags(for the Food Fair) & a 10-count pack of small containers(cheesecake bites for bake sale).

~At JoAnn's, I used a 50%-off coupon for a ball of crochet thread(doilies) in Copper Mist. I also picked up a skein of 1/2-price LB WoolEase Chunky in Paprika(mitts & neckwarmer) & 5 skiens of RHS Fleck Frosty Green(97cents each-lap blanket for PSM). I used a 50%-off coupon at Michaels for a ball of thread(doilies)in Cardinal Red.

~Back home, I made Ginger Coconut bars(the best-smelling when baking!)& swept the floors.

~I made a Girly Hat in CSS Grey Heather/unknown Burgundy.

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper while I had PB/AB.

~I worked on the Sweet Tart granny lap blanket while we watched Sherlock Holmes. It was a little too disjointed for me,but Mike liked it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Protect yourself,protect your family,protect your community from evil.

~Mike & I got groceries at Walmart & Smiths.

~I made Raisin Bread/Peanut Butter sandwiches for Coffee Hour. I also put the Chocolate Cheesecake Clouds on a plate. They are even better today!

~I ushered at the 10:30am mass with Jim, then hosted Coffee Hour. Most that tried the cheesecake liked it.

~Back home, I made a Neckwarmer in Knit One,Crochet Too Merino Gold in a Mossy Green color.

~I attended 4:30pm mass.

~Back home, I made Mike a PB/AB sammie.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

From the ends of the earth I call to you,I call as my heart grows faint;lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2


~Both Mike & I tried the Sugar-free chocolate fudge this morning. It tastes more like the chocolate cheesecake I make & it was yummy! From now on, they will be called "Chocolate Cheesecake Clouds".

~I went to Big Lots downtown & found a deeper mixing bowl, brownie mix & candy coated mini Hershey Kisses($1). I also went to Savers & Goodwill,but didn't find anything. I took a mixed plate of goodies to the Napa Boys.

~Back home, I made a Roseburg Hat in RHS Medium Thyme/unknown Plum/Blue heather.

~I attended music practice. I may being doing the communion hymn with Lauren & Byron.

~We had PB/AB sammies for supper.

~I worked on the Candy corn lap blanket.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Wrought iron & wicker plate stand(about the size of a salad plate-.99 from Goodwill). The leaf bowl was found in the cabinet,I assume from a set that MomDee had.

~I watered the trees at church & swept up 2 1/2 bags of flowers from a tree/bush.
~At Goodwill, I got Mike a cover shirt & me a cute Christmas ornament. I keep my eye out all year round for 59cent ones!
~I got 2 skirts & 2 T-shirts at the Family Thrift Center.
~Back home, I made the sugar-free fudge recipe. I did add an extra 1/4 cup Splenda because it didn't taste sweet enough to me. I portioned it out into the 24-count mini muffin tin. We'll see how it tastes in the morning!
~I swept the floors. Now, there's more Penny hair than dry grass since 3/4 of the backyard is green.
~I finished a Girly Hat I had started earlier in the week in CSS Blue Mint/Bright Yellow. I also finished a Boa Scarf in CSS Autumn Red/unknown fur Sunset.
~Mike had to close. I made him a ham/cheese/bacon hot sammie when he got home.
~I made more 4-round Stained Glass granny squares.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Granola Muffin with extra banana & fiber.

~Printed/folded/stuffed bulletins. Made a template for Food Pantry needs for standard & legal papers. Both Fr. Jim & I agree we need a new typewriter!
~I dropped off Peanut Butter/Mini M&M cookies for the Napa Boys.
~No Date Nite due to the range being closed all week for maintenance.
~Mike closed the store. I made him a PB/AB sammie for supper.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peony Doily

Using the Web of Life pattern, I made this doily in 2-strands #10 Country Rose & Light Sage. It was gifted to Mary who was the hostess for the St. Elizabeth's Guild picnic.

~At work, I mailed out bills, worked on the newsletter, started the process of Journey through Grief folder/letters(part of the Stephen Ministry). I enjoyed fellowship with the Wednesday service ladies. Norm brought me a chocolate/chocolate chip muffin!

~Mike did two loads of laundry,taking special care with my cover shirts. He's so sweet!

~I ate the yummy muffin for supper. I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie.

~I started a new lap blanket using a pattern from RedHeart called "Holiday Stripes Throw". The original pattern calls for 2 strands of yarn & an M hok. I found out years ago that, if worked in 1 strand of yarn & an I hook, it is the perfect size for a lap blanket! I chose Orange, Cream & Yellow,so mine looks like Candy Corn!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Chiselers, dry-gulchers, bilks & mudsills will be plugged!

~Mike fixed the a/c on my Jeep before I even left for work!

~Normal stuff at work:worked on bulletins, Prayers of the People & the newsletter.

~Mike also worked on the swamp cooler. It is much cooler in the house now!

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper while I had ham & cheese.

~I worked on the Pastel granny square lap blanket.

~We watched Avatar. It was okay.

Monday, June 7, 2010

You have shaken the land and torn it open;mend its fractures, for it is quaking. Psalm 60:2

~I stopped at Big Lots(juice & almonds for Coffee Hour next Sunday)before heading up to the church to help Chuck load 10 bags for the Food Pantry. I also called in payroll & sorted mail.

~I got crackers & cocoa at Albertson's(which we didn't find at Smith's on Sunday). I also got some cream cheese & unsweetened baker's chocolate to try a sugar-free fudge recipe.

~At Goodwill, I got a plate holder & a picture frame.

~Back home, I made Granola Muffins. I used a little more banana than usual, so to make them the right consistancy, I added 1/2 cup crushed Fiber One cereal. I hope they are okay!

~I made a Roseburg Hat in RHS Mid Brown/unknown Rust. With the remaining Rust,along with RHS Farmland, I made Turtle "Burnell".

~Mike had to close the store,so I made us both PB/AB sammies.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


June 6,1944

~Mike & I got groceries at WMS & Smith's. I will have to go to Albertson's on Monday for dark cocoa & crackers,though.

~I attended 10:30am mass & coffee hour afterwards.

~Back home, let the doggies out into the front yard for a few minutes. They think it's a whole different world! I swept the floor & started a Roseburg Hat in RHS Mid Brown.

~Mike was able to get off work at 2:30pm to get down to the range for CCW class. We both helped out the students with qualifying. I was glad to see 5 women in the class,which seems to be an average number for the last 4 classes we have attended. I am still amazed at the diversity of people that attend!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


S'More Brownies-these are AWESOME!!!

~I attended the Daughters of the King meeting.

~I went to the church early for Ms. Sylvia's memorial service to help with reception set-up. The service was very moving. Everything went well. I stayed to help with the cleanup.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Girly Hat in Chocolate/Turquoise to Luisa in CA.

~I went up to the church to water the trees.

~Back home, I made a batch of Peanut Butter cookies,following the recipe(real sugar & white flower). The spread out more & are mostly hexagon shape. They are for the bake sale & I went ahead & packaged them up. They taste good. I also swept the floors.

~I made a Girly Hat in CSS Bone/Orchid/Fern & added the edging to the Teal/Cream/Brown ripple lap blaket.

~Mike had to close the store. I made him a ham/cheese/bacon sammie melt for supper.

~I made 4 Peach granny squares.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Front Bath Redo

Decorative heart rug beater. I like the feminine shape made in masculine materials.

~I made a pasta chicken salad for the picnic.

~At work,I printed/folded/stuffed bulletins for the two Sunday services & printed/folded bulletins for the funeral on Saturday. I left work at 11:50am.

~I attended the St. Elizabeth's Guild picnic at Mary Stearns' house. It was great fun! I helped cleanup afterwards.

~I stopped back by work to check mail.

~I went home & picked up the S'more Brownies & took them to the Napa boys. I had one & it was awesome!

~Date Nite-Rode the bike down,perfect weather! We worked on combat reloads,strong & weak-handed. I am consistantly below 2 seconds on my first-shot & much better at reloading. As with everything,the more you practice,the better you get!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The shooting sports is one of the few things families can do together despite physical size or athletic ability.

~Work went well. We did the final edits to Ms. Sylvia's bulletin, worked on Sunday bulletins, Pop & liturgical readings for editting.

~Mike pumped the gas for me in my Jeep when I got home from work.

~I made a pan of S'mores brownies.

~I made Mike a chicken bacon cheese sammie for supper while I had ham & cheese.

~I worked on the Checkerboard granny lap blanket. All it needs is an edging!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love;for you are my fortress,my refuge in times of trouble.Psalm 59:16

~Fr. Jim didn't come in until 10am,so I got most of my stuff for the day done early. We then worked on the bulletin for Ms. Sylvia's memorial service on Saturday.

~As soon as I got home from work, Mike & I went to Colett Park Elementary School to vote. Sadly, no lines.

~Back home, I cut the Orange Craisin Coconut bars into squares. The orange flavor is very subtle and you don't really taste it until after you swallow. Mike declared them delish!

~Mike had a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper while I had ham & cheese.

~I worked on the Teal/Brown/Cream ripple lap blanket. All it needs is an edging!