Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Cheyenne Hat in Homespun Honey Gold/Pomegranate to Sunita in OH.

~At work, I printed/folded/stuffed bulletins. 16 bag were given away at the Food Pantry. Fr. Jim showed me how to update the website, mainly the calender & worship pages. He also approved the time off(made up on other days) for draw class at the end of the month!

~I dropped off Ginger Coconut Bars for the Napa Boys.

~Date Night: We did drills a little out of the ordinary. After warmup, we shot 2 to the body/1 to each hip(to put someone down), 1 to hip/2 to body/1 to head(as if allwe could see of the bad guy was his leg), both drills with reloads. We then went down range,got a short lesson of close-in fighting(using angles,distance & hand-to-hand/knife fighting to gain an advantage before shooting). We then did pivot shooting(standing side-ways to the target & turning just the upper body & standing with back to the target & pivoting on foot to face target). So much to learn!

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