Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lap Blanket

Checkerboard Granny Square lap blanket edged in Wine for the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
~Fr. Jim was in long enugh to show me a few edits on the bulletins before heading off to a meeting. I got all the bulletins printed/folded/stuffed. Only 5 bags were given out at the Food Pantry. One of our regular clients brought us each a loaf of home-made bread,which her daughter bakes/sells. It smells wonderful! Julie is going on vacation,so I will be doing the shopping for the next few weeks.
~I dropped off Rainbow Chocolate Blondies for the Napa Boys.
~I made a Boa Scarf in Patons Carmen "Ebony"/Caron Dazzleaire Gray.
~While practing my draw/reload,I discovered a way to unlock the slide weak-handed,something I had not been able to do before!
~Date Nite:We practiced on a target that has a black line down the center with the head in black. The goal was to make all the shots in the black section,no matter how long it took. I did good & steadily got faster. Mike's extractor(little hook that pulls out the empty brass)broke,but he had Tony,the gunsmith,put in a used one. It was a great night!


  1. I'm a fan of the granny square this!

  2. Thanks,Donna!Seeing a granny square blanket in a country-decorating magazine made me want to learn crochet!!