Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peony Doily

Using the Web of Life pattern, I made this doily in 2-strands #10 Country Rose & Light Sage. It was gifted to Mary who was the hostess for the St. Elizabeth's Guild picnic.

~At work, I mailed out bills, worked on the newsletter, started the process of Journey through Grief folder/letters(part of the Stephen Ministry). I enjoyed fellowship with the Wednesday service ladies. Norm brought me a chocolate/chocolate chip muffin!

~Mike did two loads of laundry,taking special care with my cover shirts. He's so sweet!

~I ate the yummy muffin for supper. I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie.

~I started a new lap blanket using a pattern from RedHeart called "Holiday Stripes Throw". The original pattern calls for 2 strands of yarn & an M hok. I found out years ago that, if worked in 1 strand of yarn & an I hook, it is the perfect size for a lap blanket! I chose Orange, Cream & Yellow,so mine looks like Candy Corn!

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