Thursday, June 3, 2010

Front Bath Redo

Decorative heart rug beater. I like the feminine shape made in masculine materials.

~I made a pasta chicken salad for the picnic.

~At work,I printed/folded/stuffed bulletins for the two Sunday services & printed/folded bulletins for the funeral on Saturday. I left work at 11:50am.

~I attended the St. Elizabeth's Guild picnic at Mary Stearns' house. It was great fun! I helped cleanup afterwards.

~I stopped back by work to check mail.

~I went home & picked up the S'more Brownies & took them to the Napa boys. I had one & it was awesome!

~Date Nite-Rode the bike down,perfect weather! We worked on combat reloads,strong & weak-handed. I am consistantly below 2 seconds on my first-shot & much better at reloading. As with everything,the more you practice,the better you get!

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