Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School!

School Spirit Hair Scrunchie-a quick,first-day-back-to-school project for the little girls in your life.If hair is short,it can be worn around the wrist as a "fairy ring"(bracelet).Also,a good use for small bits of multicolors(about 13 yards)!

~Hike to Shelter Rock.

~Mike recharged both the a/c's on our trucks before leaving for work.

~I went to Walgreen's to pick up 5 for $1 Royal gelatins for the food pantry bag extras.I also picked up a 6-pack of small raisin boxes for $1.

~At Big Lots,I got a bag of Nestle Toll House Swirled chips(semi-sweet chocolate & premier white).

~I helped Chuck load 17 bags at the food pantry.Afterwards,I picked up some trash from the church parking lot.Someone who lives in the condos behind the church throws their cigarette butts over the wall!

~At Goodwill,I got 2 salad plates & a pair of small tongs.

~Back home & after lunch,I did a load of laundry & swept/mopped the kitchen/utility rooms.

~I made a Sedona Hat in unknown Twilight Mauve(multicolor shades of gray with mauve)/Raven black.

~I worked on the Paint Pony lap blanket.

~We had cheesy bacon chicken for supper.

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