Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First they came...

Remember the words of Pastor Martin Niemoeller when you only worry about your "group".

~Didn't sleep well last night,but only needed Ibuprofen for my jaw this morning.I also had to grind up my maple sausage/Swiss cheese omelet to eat it.

~I finished the Scrappy Tweed Bag(looks like the Scrap Tweed Tassel Hat with handles!).It is so cool!I also finished the Snowboarder Skullie("dude" version).

~Mike went over to Susie's to bury the electric dog fence.He forgot my zuchinni!

~I worked on the Lion Brand Homespun prayer shawl.I ran out of Candy Apple Red & added Colonial blue.

~Mike replaced the flapper on the back bath toilet & moved the garage-door opener switch.I picked up a bucket of sticks in the front yard.

~I made a Little Octopus in vintage Red Heart Caress(brushed yarn similiar to DazzleAire)in Raspberry Ripple.It is so sweet!

~We had baon cheeseburger sammies for supper.

~We attended Pilgrims in Christ class.It was my turn to tell my Spiritual Journey.It was very emotonal,but not as hard I had expected it to be.I think everybody cried,LOL.

~We met with Mike's friends from work at Imbibe for Bryan's 21st birthday.I had a Blue Moon beer.It came in a tall glass with an orange wedge.It was good & we had fun,sitting & talking on the roof patio.Even the cigar smoke was nice!

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