Thursday, August 20, 2009


Scrap Tweed Tassel Bag

~Hike to Shelter Rock.It is getting cool enough in the mornings,that I put my gloves in my backpack when I got back home.

~I did a load of laundry.

~I did some banking,then went to the Family Thrift Center.I tried on 2 pair of pants that didn't fit.

~Back home,lunch,then up to the church.Anne was watering the pine & pinon trees,so I went around & picked up tree droppings & dug dead grass from the parking lot cracks.I then watered the roses.Miss Edla came by,knowing I would be there,to check on a meeting time for DoK training.

~We gave out 20 bags of food.I helped fold bulletins & worked on the Painted Pony lap blanket.Pat & Julie liked the ginger snaps!

~At Goodwill,I picked up a meat mallet,2 slotted serving spoons,a iced-tea spoon with a pretty handle & a tiny silver-plate spoon.I also got a necklace.

~After vacuuming the floors,I continued working on the Paint Pony lap blanket.

~Mike made his own supper.

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