Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love to bake!

Mini Oatmeal cookies with milk chocolate chips,peanut butter chips,vanilla chips,dark cocoa chips,butterscotch chips or Craisins.

~Hike to Coffee Rock.

~We got groceries at WMS & Costco.We also went by Petsmart to get Susie a new electric dog fence for Maddie.
~While out,I started a Snowboarder Skullie in BSC Medium Sea Green.
~After bringing me home,Mike went back up to Susie's to install the fence.
~I put away groceries,cleaned out the pantry & worked on the Scrappy Bag,like the Tweed Feed Bag but with scrap yarns.It's funky!
~Mike got back home at 1pm.I made him lunch.
~I sewed a button on a pair of Mike's pants.I HATE to sew!
~We both had a dentist appointments at 3pm.Mike got in first & basically just got a second fitting for his upper.I thought I was getting the other half of my teeth cleaned.The dr started numbing my left side.I thought it was an awful lot for just a cleaning.Then the assistant brought in a release form to pull another tooth & I said "Nobody said anything to me about pulling another tooth!".Turns out the wisdom tooth on the bottom left side bone had deteriorated.I had no problem with the tooth being pulled,it just seemed unprofessional to not talk to me about it before the numbing process.They cleaned my teeth & pulled the tooth.
~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.I had a cherry cheesecake smoothie(lite yogurt mixed with 1/2 & 1/2).

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