Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mike & I are Browncoats

I am starting this new blog here until I see if I can upload pictures from my computer on my previous blog.They have made some changes over there at Yahoo which I'm not sure I like. Just checked & I can'teven find a way to get into my old website to edit it with a link to this new blog!

Hike to Saddle Rock.

I orderd Mike & me Browncoat T-shirts.

We road the motorcyle today.It is so nice outside,though still hot.

We stopped at Napa so Mike could see when he goes into work tomorrow.The assistant manager,Jason,is on vacation.

We went shooting at Caliber's.

We came back home,then drove the Bronco back to the Big Lots on Menaul/San Mateo to check out the area rugs.We need a new one for the living room.They didn't have any,so we came back up to the store closer to home,Manual/Jaun Tabo,& found one in an abstract print of greenish-gray & light rust.
I made a Wenatchee Hat in RHS Black/Yellow Smiley beads.You can't help but be happy when you wear it!
Mike had decided that we would pay less by switching our cell phones from Verizon to AT&T.My phone came in the mail this afternoon & he spent quite some time getting my number transferred over.
We had cheesy bacon chicken for supper.
We attended Pilgrims in Christ class.

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