Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Off

Mike's grandson-Jacob

~Hike to I-40 Rock.
~~Mike had a dr's appointment at 9am,so we didn't do our usual Tuesday-morning grocery shopping.He had blood taken for tests & an appointment made with a specialist,which isn't until Sept.I made an appointment with the FNP at the same office for a general physical.
~On the way home we stopped at Albertson's for eggs(coupon for two 18-count cartons for .88 each),chunk cheddar cheese & smoked sausage.
~~I started remaking the Cheyenne Hat in BSC Taupe Twist that I started last Friday.

Back home,I picked up the back yard(again!)so Mike could mow.I trimmed the rose bushes & another bush up against the back wall.Mike trimmed some branches from the lavender-flower tree.
~After lunch,I added taupe/cream marble-look buttons to the RHS Light Sage Durango hat I made on Friday.I also finished the BSC Taupe Twist Cheyenne hat,adding a rose pin in Aran.I also worked a little on scrap granny squares.
~~We had grilled smoked sausage for supper.

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