Thursday, July 16, 2009

Web of Life

I slept badly last night,so when Mike got me up to do my regular morning exercises,I slept those 15 minutes.
I went to the Family Thrift Center,trying on 2 dresses & 2 pair of pants(all too big).I ended up getting a bag of yarn($4.99) & a photo album($2.99).
I took my Octopi to the church office for Miss Pat,the receptionist,to look at.She picked Embroidery Print for her grandson & Bon Bon Print for her granddaughter.I didn't have the
girly one made,just the yarn.She paid me for both.
We had all 20 food-pantry bags handed out by 1:30pm,along with all the church bulletins folded,so we all left.
I stopped at Goodwill,but didn't find anything.
Back home,I swept the floors & made a Little Octopus in RHS Bon Bon Print.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in transferring pictures from the old album to the new album.It was fun!
Mike closed the store & didn't get home until 6:55pm.I made him grilled smoked sausage for supper.

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