Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hat Sold!!

Roseburg Hat in Earth/Clove Bud sold to Jennifer in CA

~It rained most of the night,so I don't have to water the church trees on Friday.

~At work, I edited bulletins, typed up letters, made the final edits on the September newsletter before printing it out. I got all the newsletters(170)stapled & worked on the name badges. Fr. Jim liked his horseshoe nail Chi Rho pendant I gavehim for his 25th anniversary.

~I dropped off mail & fueled up the Jeep before coming home.

~I made a Sedona Hat in RH Hokey Pokey "Light Plum" & a mesh scarf using the rest of the skein.

~Mike closed the store.


  1. love this hat! I like the way the flower comes to a point on the petals.