Wednesday, August 4, 2010

S'more Brownie with recipe!

S'more Brownies

Bake chocolate brownies($1 at Big lots) in 9x13 pan according to directions. I line the pan with aluminum foil & spray with PAM for easier cutting.

When brownies are done, turn oven to Broil. Sprinkle hot brownies with miniature marshmallows, FiberOne Caramel Delight cereal & semi-sweet chocolate chips. Broil a few minutes until marshmallows are brownish. Cool completely. Cover & refrigerate overnight. Remove from pan & cut. Best served at room temperature. These are quick & easy and "kinda" homemade,LOL!

~At the office, I finished the Stephen Ministry badges, paid bills, enjoyed fellowship & attended a Food Fair meeting. In the afternoon, I worked on bulletins & showed Fr. Jim how to do some stuff on the computer. He thinks I'm a genius! Who would have thought that all the time I "wasted" on the computer would actully become very useful!

~Mike actually had the whole day off! After PT,he mowed the yard & did a few more chores.

~We had pizza for supper.

~I wrked on the Painted Desert round ripple.

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