Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Flapper Beanie in Peppercorn/Wild Rice sold to Holly in MD

~We stopped by the office to set up coffee & pick up a food bag before heading down to the range for Defensive AR15 Class. We had about 3 hours of classroom time then on to the range. I decided to use Mike's rifle because it has a pistol grip & orange front sights which I have been practicing with for the past 6 weeks. It is a lot different when it comes to actually shooting! The guys always talked about how little recoil it has compared to most hunting rifles. Well, I have only shot a .22 rifle & this is WAY different. It doesn't hurt to shoot, it just has so much recoil that I missed about half my head shots. I will have to slow down tomorrow, knowing it moves me around alot. Overall, it was a good first day!

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