Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hats & Scarf Sold!!

Neck Warmer in Elderberry Wine sold to Irene in NY

Durango Hat in Turquoise sold to Lindsay in MA

Special-order Bottineau Hat in Black/Flaming Fuchsia sold to Karen in WA

~Fr. Jim took the day off so I had the office to myself most of the day. The ladies did come in & do a collection summary, Norm came in & paid bills, but most of the day was spent printing out the newsletter, working on bulletins for Sunday & stapling/addressing about half the newsletters.

~I made a Scarf in LBWE Chunky Walnut with a Vermilion red rose pin.

~I made Mike grilled hotdog cheesy wrap for supper.


  1. Do you ever sell your hat patterns?

  2. You can get them free here:

    All I ask is that you not sell the patterns or sell the finished products on line, as this is how I make my living.
    You are welcome to sell the finished products locally at craft fairs, boutiques, etc.
    Happy Crocheting!!