Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrifting Genes!

Thrifting must run in the family! My mom found this tapestry bag (another of my collections) for me at her KY Goodwill store. Both my sisters also thrift.

~I attended Daughters of the King.

~I made a Butterfly Pinafore in Baby Bee Hushabye Baby Sage with vintage caramel buttons in size 1. It is adorable! I really like this yarn. I also made a Soap Sack in Ocean thread, a Sweet Skullcap in Red Heart Lustersheen jade with a Pansy lavender flower pin & miscellaneous 1-round flower pins in scraps of Lustersheen.

~I made Mike a ham/cheese wrap with Sunchips & a sweet pickle.

~We watched the first 2 hours of Streets of Laredo. It is okay, but not near as good as the original Lonesome Dove.