Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I went a long time without wearing pink. It was too stereotypical & I refused to be put in that box. I now realize that you can be girly & still be a gunfighter. Being feminine in pink is camo!

~At the office, I worked on bulletins & the parish parochial, which consist of matching names with our books, of which there are about 10 to go through, since St. Mary's used to be two other churches that merged in 1989. Some of the past admins did not keep good records. I emailed out 3 more applications for the spring craft show!

~I made a Sweet Skullcap in Red Heart Lustersheen Pastel Ombre with a Black flower pin centered with a pink bow.

~I made Mike a grilled cheesy hotdog wrap, honey wheat pretzel & sweet pickle supper. I had Beef Barley soup.

~We attended a special Vestry meeting.

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