Monday, November 15, 2010

Hat Sold!!

Kalispell Hat in Black/Bobby Sox ribbon sold to Jennifer in VA(repeat customer)

~I helped Chuck load 25 bags at the Food Pantry. We are giving out 5-lb hams this week for Thanksgiving.

~At Goodwill, I got a floral polo shirt for me.

~At downtown Big Lots, I found Reeses Peanut Butter cups in pumpkin shape,75% off, which made them 12cents each(regular 50cents). I bought the whole case, as well as orange cookies.

~At Savers, I got a pretty floral skirt.

~Back home, I cut up 5 Reeses pumpkins and added them to the Peanut Butter blondies I made.
~I finished a Roseburg hat in Black, adding a flower pin in Watermelon. I then used the Watermelon on a Kalispell hat, adding a big rose pin in vintage sparkly silver yarn.

~Mike closed the store.

~I made 3 more Lip Balm keychains.

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