Monday, November 8, 2010

Stop Crime!

Not only is it your RIGHT, it is your RESPONSIBILITY!

~I went to Big Lots and got soup, lip balms, plastic baggies & 2 skeins of yarn.

~I helped Chuck load bags at the Food Pantry, called in payroll & changed out the items on the White Elephant/Raffle table.

~I made stops at Dollar Tree(pretzels, white vinegar, dried pineapple/papaya), Walmart(sugar-free chocolate chips) & Michael's(3 skeins of Homespun yarn).

~Back home, I made chocolate brownies, sorted mushrooms/olives & cut up the dried pineapple/papaya.

~I designed/made 8 Lip Balm Key Rings, matching multicolor yarns to the color of the caps. They are adorable!!

~Mike closed the store. The young guy who looked at the Bronco last night came back with his step-father.


  1. Will you be able to post the pattern/directions for the lip balm key rings? That sounds like a fabulous gift idea.

  2. rn mom, I will try to post the pattern. I'm so busy crocheting/baking/working/volunteering,I don't know when it will be. Hopefully, before Christmas!