Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hat Sold!!

I sold a Girly Hat in Ivory/Ebony to Tori in FL.

~I stopped by the Family Thrift Center(t-shirt & mini loaf pan)before heading up to the church for Prayer Shawl Ministry. Me, Anne, Lucy & Joyce spent about 1 1/2 hours crocheting/knitting & talking. I made 5 RHS Light Blue granny squares. Afterwards,I stopped at Goodwill(nothing).
~Back home, I took the beads off the t-shirt I got at the thrift store.
~I made a Cheyenne Hat in RHS Fiesta Coffee, adding a rose pin in retor Wintuk Teal.
~I went up to the church around 3:45pm to set up the table for Mother's Day with the gift bags left at the office on Thursday by the Mary Kay rep. It was only the Yuska's, Josh & me at music practice. Without the Lytle's & extra guitar or drums, I sound like crap!
~I made Mike a bacon cheeseburger sammie for supper.
~I started a Ripple lap blanket in the retro Wintuk Teal, RHS Mid Brown & unknown Cream. The stripe pattern will be as follows: 3 rows T, 1 row M B, 3 rows T, 1 row C-repeat. I completed 10 rows & it looks really good!

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