Friday, January 14, 2011

Debbie's scarf

Artisan Scarf in Moda Dea Curious. My sister, Debbie, sent me 3 skeins & requested a scarf 8" x 60". It used exactly 2 skeins & I kept the extra skein as "payment". She liked it so much, she is searching for more "fringey" yarns!

~I made a Spinach Sausage casserole for Potluck on Sunday evening & a half-batch of pumpkin Sausage soup for me. When it cooled, I seperated it into 4 bowl & put them in the freezer.

~I was in a cleaning mood this morning & scrubbed things that hadn't been cleaned in months, along with sweeping the floor.

~I made a Wenatchee Hat in retro Love Knit Denim Blue with Americana pony beads & a Flapper Beanie in RHS Gold/RHS Fleck Black.

~We had Chicken wraps for supper & watched The Expendables. It was just okay.

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