Monday, January 24, 2011

Hats Sold!!

Cheyenne Hat in Mahagony/Cinnabar sold to Joanie in IL

Cheyenne Hat in Sassy Lilac/Lemon Twist sold to Linda in SC

~I swept the floor before leaving the house & going to the Family Thrift Center. I was there only an hour,so only got to look about half the store. I didn't find anything!

~At 10am, I went up to the office to make edits on the newsletter.

~I got a few groceries at Lomas Albertsons(they don't have our applebutter!), got Tyvec envelopes at Staples & did find the apple butter at Candelaria Albertson's.

~Back home, I had Pumpkin Sausage soup & honey wheat pretzels for lunch & made a Kalispell Hat in Caron Dazzleaire Silver Sparkle with a pink/black ribbon & finished a Garland of Blossoms scarf in Black/Multi.

~Date Nite tonight due to a DHT class on Thu/Fri. Only 8 shooters, so after warmup, we practiced one-handed to get a feel for recoil. At break, I was presented a bouquet & thank-you card that read "Nothing makes a bunch of old men feel more secure than being in the presence of a well-armed woman who knows how to shoot--and who brings them COOKIES! Thanks from the rest of the Choir(what Mike & I call "Date Nite" the others call "Choir Practice"). I cried. After break, we went down range and shot multiple targets and turning to shoot.

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