Tuesday, January 11, 2011


...you have yours,don't take mine away.

~Normal work day with bulletins & Pop,with the addition of helping with the altar linens, typing up a baptismal card, updating the parish list and starting the parochial report.

~I dropped off Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip bread for the Napa boys.

~While making myself a cup of tea, I finished scrubbing the kitchen floor. What a great upper body workout!

~I made a Cheyenne hat in Gala Yarns(the $1 a skein stuff from Big Lots)in a Denim Blue/White/medium Brown tweed. It is super soft & so pretty!

~We had burgers for supper.

~I finished the Diamond Prayer Shawl in RHS Fiesta Country Blue.

~We watched "Cats & Gogs". It was funny!!

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