Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hats Sold!!

Cheyenne hat in Hot Tamale/Milk Toast

Cheyenne hat in Dirty Snow/Lump of Coal
Both hats sold to Elizabeth in NJ

~At the office, I worked on reports to the annual meeting, printed/folded/inserted bulletins & filled out baptismal cards. Fr. Jim brought in his typewriter from home(the one in the office is junk!). The president of the Brothers of the Hood came in & I showed him the programs on my computer to edit for meetings. He was very happy not to have to do the typing himself! I started on the bulletins for next week. I also took the paper Christmas hearts off the garlands around the windows. I have decided to leave them up & just change the decorations every month. I'm thinking snowflakes for the rest of January.
~Date Night: I did good,except for reloading,until my K9 broke. Something having to do with the trigger. I left it with Tony to see if he can fix it.

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