Monday, January 3, 2011

Hat Sold!!

Cheyenne hat in Sierra/Dark Antique Rose sold to Jimmy in NY(repeat customer)

~I stopped off to get gas($2.72 per gallon)before going to Big Lots. Along with cocoa mix & soup, I got children's socks & underwear for the DoK drive for Joy Junction.

~I helped Chuck load bags at the Food pantry & called in payroll.

~I found flatbreads at Lomas Albertsons. It looks like they stock them on the weekends, so now I know to go there every Monday. I also got frozen meatballs & raspberry syrup.

~Back home, I made Banana Cranberry Spice Muffins from the Fiber One website. I had 2 bananas from a fruit basket & let them get all brown before using them. The batter tasted good & they smelled good while baking, but I didn't have one. I made them muffinettes, filling the muffin cups only half way,to make 24.

~I made a Scarflette in Bernat Galaxy "Deep Space"/Caron Wintuk "Rosewine" & a Bottineau Hat in RHS "Black"/Moda Dea Wild "Flames".

~We had burgers for supper.

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