Thursday, April 21, 2011

As they make music they will sing,“All my fountains are in you.” Psalm 87:7

Cedar Crest, NM-Sandia Mountains

~Mike drove me to work & started on the church AC/SC. He turned on water & saw a leak on the roof, which he turned off. But, water came out of the ceiling through the vents/sprinkler heads & skylight in Fr. Jim's office right over his desk! Even after turning the water off, it continued to leak for about 1/2 an hour. We quickly moved everything around to avoid the water. Mike used a shop vac for about 4 hours, to soak up all the water, opened the door & had 2 fans blowing. It was later determined that one of the water pipes between the ceiling & roof had burst over the winter & nobody knew due to the fact that it wasn't seen! A plumber will have to be called in to see what the problem is.

~At the office, I got bulletins completed for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday Seven Last Words & mass & Easter Sunday, both services. I also typed up cards for a baptism & printed out a rough draft of the May newsletter. After my work day was over at 3pm, with Mike still doing work, Fr. Jim & I finished stuffing the last of the eggs for the hunt on Sunday. I am wore out!

~Date Nite: After warmups, we did basic drills(failure drills, speed & tactical reloads, setup & clearing of malfunctions) with one person acting as "student" with an "instructor" behind them. It was very helpful, as the main purpose was to slow down & get the sequence right. At the end, we did failure drills at 3 & 5 yards. Randy let me know how proud he is with me. Mike had his fastest time ever of first-shot of 1.1 seconds!

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