Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bacon & tray!

I use this Nordic Ware microwave tray to cook the bacon below. I line it with a paper towel, put one layer of bacon on the put another paper towel over the bacon. Soaks up the grease & keeps it from splattering.
We were eating the Walmart brand of bacon, but I had a coupon & tried this Farmland brand. It is the smokiest by far! I cook up the whole package at one time using the tray above & store it in the fridge. We use it more like a condiment, as a flavoring for omelets & wraps.

~I finished the RHS Aruba Sea Comforting Shawl while watching news & drinking mocha this morning. I do have to weave in 4 ends, but it turned out very pretty! After being blessed, it will go to Gladys, via St. Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry. She is graduating from nursing school May 13th & a celebration will be held for her.

~Mike drove me to work & finished what he could on the a/c. Now just to wait for the plumber to come look at the water lines. I was a little behind on printing bulletins, but did get them done. I also printed out more pamphlet labels. We gave out 11 bags at the food pantry. One of the regular ladies gave me Whopper eggs!

~I came home to a HUGE box from Karen: yarn, wall hangings, note cards, socks & a skirt. WooHoo!!

~Date Nite: After warm up, we did all weak-hand drills, which included drawing from the holster, reloading, failure drills, but, thankfully, no clearing of malfunctions. I did practice, during the break, clearing of Class-3 malfunction(double feed) & found a way that works for me. My Kahr is 3.75" & i cannot lock back the slide with one hand, so I hook the bottom of the magazine on my shoe & strip it out while holding the mag-release button. It ain't pretty or particularly fast, but it gets the job done.

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