Friday, July 29, 2011

2 Million

Often, the gun is never fired. Just showing the bad guy you have a weapon may be enough to deter a crime(but it is essential you have the proper training to use the weapon, if needed). Criminals are cowards and will choose the victim who looks, most likely, not to fight back (example: the students in the last CCW Draw Class: the very small, thin man, the lady-just because she's a female-, the older gentleman, the larger man with bad knees, etc.)

~I made S'more Brownies using this recipe. So much easier than the way I used to do it! I also made a batch of bacon, sorted veggies, did two loads of laundry & swept the floors. All before 10am!!

~I stopped by the church to pick up a food bag, mailing off 4 newsletters that weren't picked up on Wednesday. After delivering the bag, I went to Goodwill(a skirt, cropped cargo pants & long sleeve shirt), Family Thrift Center (nothing) & got a few groceries at Albertson's.

~I made a Buttonhole Scarf in unknown retro Mardi Gras green. I will be adding a flower pin.

~We had grilled cheesy hotdog wraps for supper.

~We watched "The Mechanic". It was a little too bloody & intense for me, but Jason is easy on the eyes ;)

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