Thursday, July 21, 2011


Paradise Bars using orange cookie crust, dried pineapple, papaya, craisins, almonds & white chips.

~I took Mike to work.

~At the office, Ms. Jeannine came in for edits to the bulletins. I got them printed/folded/inserted pretty quick. I spent the rest of the day doing edits on a Holy Week bulletin for next year. I know, early, but I HATE waiting til the last minute to do anything. We handed out 10 bags at the Food Pantry. I mailed out the LEM license forms( mine's in there!).

~Date Nite: After warm ups, we shot with our eyes closed. I know this sounds strange, but the idea is to "feel" your stance/hand position with out the distraction of seeing the target. I found I was more on target by widening my stance & putting more weight forward on my left foot. I'm very pleased with the results!

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