Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cookies for Breakfast!

Oatmeal cookies with sunflower seeds & golden raisins

~At the office, I worked on Sunday bulletins for August before doing edits on this Sundays bulletins with Ms. Jeannine. Afterwards, we went over to the Prayer Shawl Ministry closet so she could pick out a lap blanket for her son & a shawl for her friend. Back in the office, I paid bills (Norm loved the cookies pictured above & the free range passes!), finished the bulletins, put stamps on the newsletters, worked some more on the August bulletins & even finished most of the 2012 Tennebrae bulletin! I'm glad my regular schedule is three 6-hour days instead of two 8-hour days!

~Mike was already home when I arrived. We had ham/cheese wraps & multigrain chips. He had a sweet pickle (kak!). He then left for a meeting at Napa.

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